VISION:       Inspire next generation of American Aerospace Leaders!

MISSION:       Provide advanced Space Systems Engineering and Astronautical Engineering curriculum and active mentorship for the American youths to be our next generation of successful aerospace leaders.


Virginia Space Academy provides Advanced Astronuatical and Space Systems Engineering for High School students
with strong interest in learning about Space Environment, Satellite Systems, and careeer in aerospace industry.  Interested students must possess sufficient Geometry, basic Trigonometry, and Algebra 2 math skills. [Admissions]



Dr. John Seo (Lt Col, USAF Retired), has over 25 years of aerospace engineering research and development experience in the United States Air Force, National Reconnaissance Office, and NASA.  John achieved Assistant Professor of Astronautical Engineering at the USAF Academy, Department of Astronatuical Engineering and taught graduate level Systems Engineering at the Air Force Instute of Technology.  John is also a member of the USAF Test Pilot School, Class of 96-B.  Dr. Seo earned his undergraduate and masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Univerisity of Michigan and his doctorate  in Astronautical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Other invited guest lectures are planned for specific lessons.